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Epson, BenQ and Changhong simultaneously release new laser TVs at the end of October

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On October 29, Epson, BenQ and Changhong all released new laser TV products at the same time. This has made some reporters in the home appliance industry wonder-"Is it the launch day of laser TV?" Many reporters who watched laser TV step by step to today's feelings: Laser TV seems really hot!

Three companies released new laser TV products at the same time.

Since Hisense launched the world's first 100-inch laser TV in 2014, the development of laser TV in China has not been more than five years, and it has become the most explosive and imaginative new category in the TV market. It has rapidly developed from a product to an industry. From an enterprise to an industry, more than 20 companies worldwide have joined the laser TV camp. Laser shows that there are currently more than 100 companies in the upstream and downstream industry chain, which has formed a strong industrial aggregation effect.

Three companies released new laser TV products at the same time.

Laser TV has shown a strong "dominance" in the high-end large-screen market. According to the data of Zhongyikang, the first place of China TV ’s cumulative best-selling list from January to September is an 80-inch laser TV launched by Hisense. This strong market appeal has led to a decline in the overall sales price of Chinese color TVs. In the market, it can be described as a standout, so that every TV company can not ignore.

The three new laser TV flagship products released by the three companies are all starting at 30,000 yuan. The selling point is focused on large screens, three colors, color accuracy and wide color gamut. This is also the core advantage of laser TV products. Xu Zuyan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, once said that from the current display scheme, only the laser display can fully realize 12-bit color, which is currently the only one that can fully realize BT. The best choice for the 2020 standard.

According to industry sources, Hisense, a leader in laser TVs, will also officially release its latest 75-inch three-color laser TV L9 at the end of November, directly grabbing the 65-inch LCD product market.
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