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The main advantages of laser welding are fast processing, large depth and small deformation

Release time: 2019.11.05 News source: Laser cutting machine | Laser marking machine | Laser engraving machine | Fiber laser marking machine | Laser equipment manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd
Laser welding , which has developed rapidly in recent years, has been widely used in many industries such as manufacturing, powder metallurgy, automotive industry, electronics industry, biomedicine and so on.

The main advantages of laser welding are fast processing, large depth and small deformation, and micro welding can be performed. The welding effect is also good for some refractory materials such as titanium, quartz, and other heterogeneous materials.


However, laser welding also has some limitations: it requires high accuracy of welding assembly, and the position of the beam on the workpiece must not be significantly shifted. This is because the laser spot is very small and the weld seam is narrow. Because if the workpiece assembly accuracy is not enough, welding defects can easily be caused. This limitation was discovered!

Since then, solutions have come out. The solution adopted by most people is high-precision laser cutting technology.


Because there is also a fine laser spot, laser cutting equipment can reduce the errors between parts and ensure the consistency of the parts, thereby ensuring the consistency of the weld and the quality of the weld during subsequent welding of the parts, which can promote the realization of automated welding.

For some parts with complex shapes, laser cutting technology is even more advantageous. At present, three-dimensional multi-axis laser cutting machines are available in domestic and foreign markets.


In this way, the special domain S & A chiller is also the driving force behind the rapid development of laser automatic welding.

The 500W ~ 12000W high-precision dual-temperature chiller independently processed by Teyu Electromechanical Co., Ltd. has been selected by many domestic and foreign fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers and users.


In addition to stable refrigeration performance, the special-domain dual-temperature chiller also supports the modbus communication protocol (CWFL-2000 and above models), which can realize the laser system to communicate with multiple chiller: remotely monitor the working state of the chiller and modify the chiller parameters . Such an intelligent cooling system is conducive to the automation of laser manufacturing enterprises.

In this way, the special domain S & A chiller has always contributed to the development and progress of the industrial manufacturing industry.
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