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您的位置: 首页 - 公司动态 - 激光设备知识 According to foreign media reports, Continental has developed a new type of automotive solid-state 3D flash lidar. You are here: 杏鑫平台 - Company News - Laser Equipment Knowledge

According to foreign media reports, Continental has developed a new automotive-grade solid-state 3D flash lidar

Release time: 2019.11.05 News source: Laser cutting machine | Laser marking machine | Laser engraving machine | Fiber laser marking machine | Laser equipment manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd
According to foreign media reports, Continental has developed a new automotive-grade solid-state 3D flash LIDAR HFL110, and is pushing its samples to the commercial vehicle market. This lidar enhances the capabilities of Continental's existing autonomous driving ADAS sensor suite and 2D color sensors.

In the 3D flash lidar, the smart pixel focal plane array captures the laser pulse of each frame of data, and then the laser pulse of each frame of data transmits the distance data and black and white video back to the lidar sensor. A synchronized 2D sensor can identify whether the traffic light is green or red, and a 3D flash lidar can provide an accurate 3D traffic light image and display the distance to the traffic light. The combination of these two technologies makes the system more powerful and reliable.

Compared with other radar systems, 3D flash lidar can provide finer optical angular resolution and higher accuracy, especially in dense urban environments including stationary / moving vehicles, buildings, pedestrians, and other objects of different sizes. The laser pulse emitted by the 3D flash lidar is outside the visible light wavelength and meets the first-level eye safety standards.

The company says that the HFL110 sensor has a rate of up to 330 nanoseconds per frame, providing detailed and accurate 3D images at any time and weather conditions. The new 3D Flash Lidar HFL110 sensor is designed for close range detection (about 164 feet or less). The sensor is not affected by vibration or velocity distortion, and can generate a high-resolution 3D point cloud 25 times per second in a 120-degree field of view. HFL110 has multiple accurate distance measurement functions, which can capture 4096 consecutive depth data pixels in real time across the entire field of view.

The continuous pixels captured by the HFL110 can tolerate nearby high or low reflectivity surfaces, generate point clouds and / or object lists, define and track the vehicle's environment and moving objects. In addition, the lidar integrates a heater and an optional automatic cleaning system, and can also be combined with mainland radars and 2D cameras. This innovative high-resolution 3D flash lidar can complement current environmental sensors, enabling high-level and fully autonomous driving.
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