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Line laser punching machine, advanced equipment specially used to make packaging bag openings

Release time: 2019.11.27 News source: Laser cutting machine | Laser marking machine | Laser engraving machine | Fiber laser marking machine | Laser equipment manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Browse times:
I believe many people have had this experience, tearing open a packaging bag, there are obviously opening lines, but they can not always be torn apart, not torn. This is not the fault of the hand, but the opening process at that time was defective. Now, it's time to show the real technology. Today's protagonist is the easy-to-tear laser punch.

Easy-to-tear laser punching machine, specially used for manufacturing advanced equipment for opening bags. It is a laser processing equipment. The laser is a CO2 metal radio frequency tube, and multiple laser heads can be customized to operate at the same time.

Micron-level fine light output, according to the set procedure, scribe or punch holes on the surface layer of a specific packaging film to make the surface layer easy to tear line opening. The inner sealing film is therefore complete. In this way, not only the effect of easy tearing can be achieved, but also the function of sealing the inner layer can be achieved.

Such fine laser processing equipment needs to be equipped with a professional metal RF tube industrial chiller for cooling. Because the circulating cooling water of the industrial chiller directly acts on the metal radio frequency tube, the stability of the cooling water effluent will affect the life of the metal radio frequency tube. The design life of metal radio frequency tube is very long (this is one of the reasons why it is relatively expensive). The service life of imported radio frequency tube is generally about 7 years, and the domestic radio frequency tube is about 3 years, and it can be reused after being inflated.

Metal radio frequency tube industrial chiller is one of the modular production models of Special Domain S & A. At present, Tec S & A Electromechanical has launched a variety of metal RF tube industrial chiller with different cooling capacity for the food packaging bag opening line processing market. It has won customers' favorite in terms of temperature control accuracy and intelligent temperature adjustment, such as standard models. CW-5200.
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